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How does a 

Fractal Healing Therapy work

In a Fractal Healing Therapy session we find the core (zero point) of the psycho-emotional energy blocks and through a process of transformation of these charges, an awareness of what caused it, plus why you needed this experience. You achieve the release of these imbalance structures. 

What does a Session give you?

In each session, you will have access to five levels to discover the origin of your suffering. In certain body and soul memories, is the key to your experience of suffering. Here the mind does not speak, it is the body that helps us reach the point of origin. Many times we will be surprised to see that the origin of suffering is where we least imagine it.

What´s the Objetive?

FHT's objective is to provide the tools for the individual to know themselves and transform. This transformation process is sustained by Fractal Science, which has discovered that the DNA molecule's shape is the same shape as the planet, and our solar system. Therefore, through this process, we can access the unconscious in a very different way through DNA, generating harmony between the interior and the exterior.

What is the therapeutic process?  

The FHT process consists of the restructuring of the five basic geometric bodies of the human being and the application of new healthy geometric structures in the electromagnetic and gravitational field. This is where disharmonic charges are found, and reaching the vacuum in the DNA structure to create gravity, connecting with the origin point of a new stable pattern to support the healing process. 

Fractal Engeeniring Transformation

¿How does a
FHT process?

FHT helps us achieve integrated human fractal growth in a shorter period of time and thus be more effective in our life. It is the incoming transforming relationship of the individual, where the therapist helps and remains from an energetic field to develop. 

Chaos and fractures are intimately related, so much so that we can say that fractals constitute the language of chaos, and therefore, in a fractal order and chaos; in a perfect harmony. Fractality is the science of life. 

What does a FHT development provide you? 

In a word, awakening. This development can only be carried out when the individual has already undergone a therapeutic process in order to maximize and enhance their abilities and talents.

What is the transformative process

It’s an internal fractal engineering process, a life process, focused on a person’s development, promoting continuous growth and the accomplishment of each person who wishes to develop their maximum abilities in an awakening. 

It is a continuous transformative process of deconstruction where the individual can enter within their fractality, being able to integrate with the unity of himself and of the whole, learning how to be off like energy. 

Fractal Healing


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Ninón Fregoso, a pioneer of fractal geometry in Mexico, explores the incredible world of fractals as they appear in nature, art, medicine and technology. Ninón offers new insights into topics such as measuring fractal complexity by dimension and life. 

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