What is Health?

Health is not just a physical phenomenon, this is only one of its dimensions. In fact, one of its most superficial dimensions because basically, the body is going to eventually die, whether it is healthy or not. It is temporary.

True health must manifest within us, in our subjectivity, in our consciousness, because consciousness knows neither birth nor death, it is eternal. Firstly, being healthy in consciousness means being awake, secondly, to be in harmony, thirdly, it is to be ecstatic and fourthly, to be compassionate. If these four qualities are met, one is internally healthy. 

These are the four pillars of inner health. Obtaining them is our birthright; we just need to claim them.

True health must manifest within us. 

We understand health to be aware that we are complete and do not need anything to feel whole, in a state of total physical, mental and social well-being. Therefore, to find harmony, we must be whole and complete; it is the sign of functional and metabolic efficiency of an organism at the micro (cellular), medium (social) and macro (holistic) levels. 

For us, health encompasses the physical, mental, social, emotional, instinctive and spiritual dimensions in an interdependent and integral way in a human being, which functions as an integral, whole and complete entity in relation to the world that surrounds it. 

What is a Fractal?

A fractal is a geometrical object whose basic structure, fragmented and apparently irregular, is repeated at different scales. It is the sum of all the parts that are contained in each of the parts, it is a pattern or signature contained in each of the parts, it is a pattern or geometric shape built with such proportions that as a whole they are identical to the total pattern.

It is also important because the best for biology are the fractals that allow the understanding of Fractal Healing Therapy; energy to create an electrical distribution of that same field that is a universal requirement for life to emerge.

Fractals constitute a descriptive system and a new image of the whole and its movements. They are geometric figures that are characterized by their similarity, they are infinite structures that we can divide as many times as we wish and they will continue to have the same structure without changing, despite the fact that they will always be found on a finite surface. Fractal forms are found in nature, where there is chaos and order, thanks to the fact that these can be repeated on smaller and smaller scales. There is the phenomenon which science calls fractal, which is a self-similar structure.

Chaos and fractures are intimately related, so much so that we can say that fractals constitute the language of chaos, and therefore, in a fractal order and chaos; in a perfect harmony. Fractality is the science of life.

How does a Fractal Healing Therapy (FHT) Work?

In a Fractal Healing Therapy session we find the core (zero point) of the psycho-emotional energy blocks and through a process of transformation of these charges, an awareness of what caused it, plus why you needed this experience. You achieve the release of these imbalance structures.

What does a Session give you?

In each session, you will have access to five levels to discover the origin of your suffering. 

What´s the Objective?

FHT's objective is to provide the tools for the individual to know themselves and transform.

What is the  Process?

The process consists of the restructuring of the five basic geometric bodies of the human...

Fractal Healing


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Ninón Fregoso, a pioneer of fractal geometry in Mexico, explores the incredible world of fractals as they appear in nature, art, medicine and technology. Ninón offers new insights into topics such as measuring fractal complexity by dimension and life. 

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